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Ornamental Aluminium


Our ornamental aluminum is an exceptional choice that provides a balance of style and security.


  • Achieves the “wrought-iron” look with an affordable price point


  • Exceptional choice for pool application in coastal, commercial, and residential premises


  • Tailored Fencing provides a wide selection of the best brands all across North America


  • Provides material that is corrosion resistant, low-maintenance, and durable


  • Adjustable panels top enhance the views of your landscape

Perimeter Fencing

Handpicked heights and styles of Aluminum Fencing present a flush bottom rail or “drop rail.” This permits fence panels to meet certain code regulations.

Panel Specifications

  • Space between pickets must be < 4”
  • Panel must be at least 48” tall
  • Distance must be 45” (at least)  from the top of the bottom rail to the top of the next highest rail
  • Space from the base of the bottom rail/picket should be 2” off the ground

Gate Specifications

  • Opening latch mechanism should be 54” above the ground (at least)
  • Need to open outwards
  • Self-closing hinges/latches
  • Needs to open outwards

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