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Vinyl Fences


Vinyl, or PVC, fencing is an excellent option if you are looking for low maintenance product that presents a substantial look and style.

Tailored Fencing offers National Vinyl & Country Estate - two reputable vinyl product lines for vinyl fencing. Amongst the two products is a vast variety of styles and colors to meet all of your needs.


  • Vinyl wood grain fences are unlike any traditional wood fences. You get the appearance of wood with the durability of vinyl. It is available in smooth and textured styles, with its popularity growing as it can look like its counterpart. This style of fencing will never require staining or painting as it has zero chances of warping or cracking


  • Railing is the ideal choice for your new style of fencing if you’re looking for low-maintenance and a vinyl aluminum finish. This particular style adds character to any home while providing outstanding security and safety

Horse Fencing

  • If you’re looking to contain your horses with low-maintenance material safely, then vinyl horse fencing is for you

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